Motivation from History Characters
A mobile app for developing positive thinking through regular practice of affirmations inspired by historical characters
Application Features
We created the app in such a way that it is accessible and easy to use for all users. It offers a variety of affirmations to help boost self-confidence, increase self-esteem and find inner motivation. In addition, the app provides educational quotes from historical figures that inspire, teach and help incorporate new ideas and perspectives.
The user has the ability to choose the visual design of affirmations to match their moods
Endless generation of affirmations with quotes from historical characters and more
The user can customize the affirmations categories to suit their needs
Affirmations in our app are carefully selected individually for each user, taking into account their personal experiences and current state of mind
The app has the option to add widgets for your devices for quick access to affirmations
Visual Identity
The brand identity, inspired by the medieval atmosphere, is an elegant blend of ancient and modern elements.
We sought to capture the grandeur and wisdom of the Middle Ages to inspire our customers and create a unique visual atmosphere that deepens their experience of interacting with the app
The logoip combines elements of medieval era and modern design to create a spectacular visual impression. The shape of the logo is inspired by medieval art and architecture
We chose orange, brown and bedazzled colors to convey to our customers the emotions of passion, warmth and emotional uplift in our app. Orange promotes emotional arousal and ignites enthusiasm
This is especially suitable for our app, which aims to improve positive thinking and inspiration. The color orange helps to stimulate positive emotions and create an energetic atmosphere for our customers
In our corporate identity, we chose stylized handwritten fonts for text elements to convey a handmade feel and create a historic heritage feel
This style of text design also helps us make an emotional connection with our users. Handwritten fonts evoke associations with past eras and manual labor, which can evoke a sense of respect and interest in history
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