Your reliable assistant in the organization of freight transportation. Find the perfect load or driver with ease, thanks to the user-friendly interface and extensive database
Application development
Creating such an application was an opportunity to combine the needs of cargo owners and drivers, simplify the process of cargo search and delivery, and create a convenient platform for interaction.
In this project it was important to provide cross-platform functionality, develop a user-friendly interface and create an extensive database of cargoes and drivers.
Cargo Map
Users can easily view the location of each shipment on the map and get information about them
Lots of Сargo
This allows users to find the right cargo or driver based on a variety of parameters
The app also helps you pick up loads, taking into account the characteristics of each vehicle
All platforms
It allows users with different types of devices to access the app and utilize its functionality
The uniqueness of the web version lies in the fact that no matter what page a user is on - the city, destination or all cargoes page - he or she can easily find the required cargo. Thanks to simple navigation and looping of child pages, users can quickly switch between sections and search for the information they need.
For example, if a user is viewing a page of a particular city, it will be easy for them to navigate to a list of available destinations or view all shipments. This provides ease of use and saves the user time by allowing them to quickly find and select the right cargo.
Scope Of Work & Timeline
The project involved UX and UI designers who worked synergistically in order to build an innovative solution. Our Business and Growth teams were constantly in touch, providing us with valuable insights
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