10 Best Free Cyrillic Fonts

Why is it important to choose a good font?
The choice of font is very important when creating a website or mobile application:

A good font is legible and readable and helps users better understand the content. If a font is flexible, it works well in both small and large sizes, which improves the performance of mobile pages.
The right font helps you stand out from your competitors and make a good impression.
A font that matches the content will make a website or mobile application a single, cohesive product.
A good font is comfortably optimized for screen size and simplifies development.

About the font license
Free fonts include those licensed under the Open Font License. These fonts are completely free to use in any product: print or digital, commercial or personal. You can use them in a logo, brand book, outdoor advertising sign or social network banner. The only thing you shouldn't do is sell free fonts.

Now let’s look at a selection of high-quality free fonts.

1. Roboto
Specially developed by Google for the Android mobile operating system. A large number of styles (Light, Regular, Medium, Black, etc.) makes it a universal and indispensable tool in any field, not just in mobile applications.
2.Open Sans
Perhaps the most famous sans serif font. He is neutral, open, and has a friendly appearance. Ideal for both web and mobile applications for iOS and Android. The main advantages are legibility and versatility.
3.Voice Text
A fairly fresh font was developed by Paratype in 2019. The font is great for reading long texts on the screen and is recommended for government and social service websites. The typeface styles has five of different weights from Regular to Black.
4. Montserrat
Very easy to read, yet bright and memorable - suitable not only for text, but also for large numbers, emotional slides and headlines. The simple style and wide letters give the font a friendly look. But because of this, the font is more suitable for web or graphic design than for mobile applications.

Semicircular sans serif font, pleasant and comfortable. The text is similar to other similar fonts, but when using bold style and large font size, for example, in headings, it takes on a very original look.
6. Merriweather
A serif font that was designed specifically for easy reading on electronic devices. The serifs are quite soft and the shapes are open, so the font is almost universal and is suitable for both different aesthetic projects and business topics. Merriweather has eight weights, so it is very versatile and at the same time works well with sans serif fonts (Open Sans, Roboto).

7. Play
A minimalistic sans-serif font in which all letters come from the letter “O” - square and round at the same time. The font is clear and very easy to read. Suitable for projects related to IT, technology, industry.
8. Cormorant
A sleek serif font that is suitable for both typesetting and headings. The font is well suited for news projects and blogs. It has many styles and goes well with Roboto and Open Sans.
9. Raleigh
Rich modern sans serif with wide letters. Elegant and minimalistic, good for headings or highlighting short text fragments.
10. IBM Plex Sans
A neutral yet friendly sans serif font. It is legibly readable in mobile and web interfaces, as well as in printed materials. Use it for IT related projects, interfaces and mobile applications.
Using a universal font, you can solve routine business problems as quickly and cheaply as possible. Such a font should have good saturation and readability so that the words are comfortable to read and the letters do not blur.
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