Main trends in the development of mobile applications in 2023

The most striking trend of 2023 can be considered the emergence of a large number of neural networks and AI based on them in the public domain - they literally attracted all attention. We will highlight a separate chapter for them, but for now let’s talk about other trends, less loud, but no less important.


The development course of recent years - both mobile and in general - is aimed at cross-platform. This is facilitated by the power of modern mobile devices, as well as the ever-present trend towards cheaper production. If earlier developers fought for modest technical resources, as, for example, it was at the dawn of PC development, now the restrictions have become less stringent, and most importantly, many convenient cross-platform development tools have appeared. Cross-platform is a noticeably growing trend.

Video formats
As we noted above, the power of mobile devices has increased significantly, which means that the approach to filling applications has also changed - static images are giving way to videos. Where previously the user was content with pictures and text, now he wants to see video content.

Short video reviews can be found in many applications for a wide variety of purposes. For e-commerce, this is a way to profitably present a product or service - an example is Google Play, where developers have recently begun actively adding videos to pages with games and programs.

Generally speaking, support for short videos can be expected on all trading platforms in the near future. OZON was one of the first in the Russian segment to do this - videos on the platform are present both in the design of product cards and in the form of video reviews from customers and Ozon Live streams.
Personalization and Engagement
Until recently, you could only find games in “serious” applications in the super apps of large global trading platforms, but today they are already everywhere: cellular operators invite you to shake the tree of discounts, banks offer to roll the dice, and marketplaces invite you to spin the wheel with prizes.

The game is a convenient tool for involving the buyer in daily communication with the application. Implementations can vary: from simple bonuses for daily login to complex loyalty programs that include various events.

Personalization of customer interaction is becoming an important trend. Users expect a business to be able to make relevant offers that will be useful and of interest to them.

Personalization is achieved through a combination of different methods, including both direct surveys and the implementation of complex software solutions, among which application functionality plays an important role, for example, offers based on geolocation. Individual discounts, purchase history or cash flow, reports on various characteristics, recommendations based on viewed products - all these are the results of personalization of interaction.

Impact of AI and machine learning on mobile app development
AI based on neural networks is the main trend of 2023.
Conventionally, the impact of AI can be divided into 2 categories:

assistance to the developer - AI helps directly develop and release the product;
user assistance - the developer can use AI capabilities to improve the user experience.
Based on neural networks and Machine Learning, there are already tools that can significantly simplify development: AI can do both coding and design, as well as perform most of the routine work.

Probably in the near future we will see laws that will regulate the “work” of neural networks. In the meantime, this can be considered using specific examples from various companies, for example, Valve began to require developers using neural networks to prove that they own the rights to the materials used to train it.

In order to improve the user experience, you can integrate a modern chatbot into the application - they can not only answer questions, but also do many other things. For example, you can implement functionality where a ChatGPT-based bot can act as a personal manager: serve the client, learning based on identified preferences, requests, and dialogues.

The capabilities of chatbots with AI based on neural networks are very great. In fact, they can be safely used in any scenario that does not require the bot to make final decisions. In e-commerce, he can communicate with the client, create presentations, graphs, and diagrams for him. Offer relevant products, talking about their advantages, make selections and much more.

Mobile application security as a top priority

Smartphones and tablets have long been more than just devices for entertainment and communication - they are serious work tools. Using mobile applications, users manage bank accounts, make purchases, enter into transactions, conduct business correspondence, sign acts - mobility has become necessary in many areas of business.

Security has been a trend in recent years, and 2023 was no exception. Despite the fact that excessive protection complicates the use of applications and repels potential customers, developers try to find a reasonable compromise between comfort and security. For example, two-factor authentication has become widely used in instant messengers and social networks, and not just in applications related to financial activities.

Enterprise applications have even higher security requirements. If you need to develop a corporate application, write or call us. We can make an application that meets not only the needs of your company, but also all modern security standards.

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