Why Flutter is the best choice to start app development in 2024 and how much it costs

Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework supported by Google. Flutter was first introduced in 2015 and has since gained immense popularity among developers. More and more projects are deciding to make applications based on this framework. Flutter allows you to develop an application with a single code base that will work on all platforms - Web, iOS, Android, Window, Mac, Linux.

Flutter is now used by companies such as Yandex, Google, BMW, Alibaba, Tencent and many others.

If you are planning to develop a mobile application, then at the moment Flutter is the most optimal solution in terms of speed, price and capabilities.

Why should you choose Flutter?
Flutter provides its own library of widgets and allows you to create an attractive user interface with minimal effort. If necessary, any complex animations or interface elements can be implemented in Flutter - the engine allows you to control every pixel on the screen.

With the correct organization of processes in the application and multi-threading, it will be impossible to distinguish the speed of the application from native Swift or Kotlin.

What are the features of Flutter technology?
Flutter is used to develop cross-platform applications

Flutter provides hot reloading feature. Thanks to the hot reload feature, the developer can make changes and instantly see changes in the application, which significantly speeds up development
Flutter has access to any native platform features
Flutter offers a huge library of widgets
Thousands of open source libraries have been written for Flutter
Flutter allows you to develop custom widgets and complex widgets
Flutter compiles to native code and gives native speed
Flutter provides 2D for creating vector animations
Flutter allows you to create 2D games
Flutter provides an all-in-one solution for development, deployment and change management
Flutter has highly efficient portable GPU rendering of the user interface, which allows you to implement any modern interfaces and animations of any complexity using Flutter

Benefits of Flutter
Flutter is cross-platform, allowing you to use one codebase for all platforms
Flutter supports application localization, LTR and RTL languages
Flutter supports Accessibility features for the visually impaired
Flutter is relatively easy to learn
Flutter provides ready-made widgets to quickly create a user interface
Flutter allows you to write code faster
Flutter is written in the typed Dart language, which allows you to write more stable code
Flutter requires less testing time
Flutter guarantees an identical application user interface on older versions of platforms
Flutter is ideal for MVP development
Flutter is compatible with all platforms
Disadvantages of Flutter

Flutter does not support 3D, but this can be solved by integrating native screens if necessary
Flutter may not be the best solution for projects that use a lot of native/platform-dependent device functions. Such as Bluetooth, GPS Geofencing or AR
Flutter is a new and fast-growing technology, so it is difficult to find an experienced developer to develop Flutter applications. We at Morning Stars solve this problem :)
Flutter currently does not render the interface faster than 60 FPS
How much does it cost to create an app in Flutter?
The cost of developing an application in Flutter greatly depends on the following parameters:

Application characteristics and functionality
Number of modules/integrations
Application development goals
Developer experience
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