What is the bounce rate in GOOGLE analytics?

General definition of bounce rate

What is bounce rate? In simple terms, this is the percentage of visits to your site that result in the user leaving the page without further interaction with the site, in other words, a person entered your site and left it on the same page.
This indicator indicates not only that the user does not stay on the site, but also low conversion when achieving the goal (selling a product, collecting a lead, etc.).

Based on the result of the bounce rate, you can judge the quality of the traffic that comes to your site. If the user does not interact with the site in any way and immediately leaves it, it means that he came to the wrong address and did not find useful information on the site, so it is worth thinking about both the content part and the page structure, and in general about the internal SEO of the site.

Enter the definition of the “session” indicator

In order to understand the bounce rate, we need to understand one more indicator - session. In the context of Google Analytics, a session is a group of activities recorded over a unit of time. Actions include page views, conversions, item clicks, etc. A user can generate one or more sessions per hour, day, month or year, so the number of visits/sessions recorded by Google Analytics is higher than the number of users registered in analytics.
A single page visit is a Google Analytics session that is counted when a user enters one page of your site and exits without going to another.
Thus, the bounce rate is the percentage of visits to one page during which the site sent a GIF request to the Google Analytics server once.
A GIF request is a request that is sent to Google Analytics when a page loads.

How does Google Analytics calculate bounce rate?

To begin with, Google Analytics calculates both the bounce rate of a specific page and the bounce rate of the entire site.
Page bounce rate = total number of bounces (for the period) / total number of visits to the page (for the same period) * 100.
In the formula above, a bounce is the number of visits to the page at which the GIF request was sent once, a hit is the number of visits to this page
Site bounce rate = total number of bounces on all pages of the site (for the period) / total number of visits to all pages of the site (for the same period) * 100

In conclusion, I would like to note that if the bounce rate of your site is high, this means that its content is irrelevant to the visitor, or that proper work has not been done on the internal SEO optimization of the site.
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