Redesign the website: what is the advantage of redesign?

Website redesign is a comprehensive work aimed not only at changing the website design. This service allows you to improve the structure, functionality and content in order to improve the quality of usability, or, more simply, the ease of use of the resource.

Each owner has his own reasons for redesigning the site. A redesign is usually carried out when it becomes clear that the site is outdated and needs updating. Often, a website is made “to be” and its design is clearly not in the first place. Over time, you notice that something is wrong: pictures crawl out of the forms, buttons jump, the text is hard to read and there is no such thing as “ah”. But it is so important that the design is holistic, the structure is convenient, and the resource itself emphasizes the advantages of the company and expresses the corporate style. Well, will a site on which everything is clumsy and incomprehensible inspire confidence? You look at competitors’ websites and realize that everything is much better for them and it’s more likely that users will be more willing to become their clients than yours. No problem, we will help you fix the situation! Our agency will redesign your website and make it modern and beautiful, so that anyone who visits it will want to become your client.
Website redesign includes activities such as:

site audit;
usability analysis;
development and implementation of updated design, functional software modules;
layout and filling of new pages;
introduction of additional services for users (photo gallery, blogs, articles, registration, social bookmarks, advertising modules, currency, calendar, web analytics, special offers, etc.);
transition to a more convenient and modern management system (CMS);

You need to redesign your website if:

the site was created a long time ago and needs updating;
site design, structure and functionality are outdated;
there was a need to introduce additional services;
the company changed its name, logo or updated its corporate identity;
tired of the previous design;
you are completely satisfied with the structure of the site, but you strive to follow modern trends and want to remake the site in accordance with fashion trends;
your visitors or clients complain about the inconvenient site structure;
perhaps some visitors leave your site without understanding where the information they need is located and, as a result, you lose profit;
competitors’ websites look more attractive and navigation through them seems more convenient;
Just yesterday you were happy with a business card website, but today you need an online store.
Our company’s specialists will conduct a site audit, usability analysis and, based on the results, will create a unique offer for you. As a result of joint work, you will receive a new business tool that will meet all modern requirements. Its structure will be clear and simple to any visitor, and this is a guarantee that your potential customers will not go to a competitor just because they could not find the right product, service and information on the site. Based on the usability audit, we will draw up technical specifications for modernizing and improving your website. Our designers will come up with a new concept for it, and our customer service managers will coordinate it with you. After which we will begin to implement the ideas. At the agreed time or even earlier, we will present to you the result of the work of our creative team, which we are sure will pleasantly please you! We will integrate the site into a “smart” and convenient management system and its further updating will become much easier.

Content management system after redesign
If your resource was created back in the days when there were no multifunctional cms, we will transfer all its content to a new “engine” - a content management system (CMS). To learn how to use the management system, no special training is required; any employee can easily add products, news to the catalog, update contact information and post an article.

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