Why is UX Design Important for Digital Marketing?

It has long been known in the digital environment that UX design plays an important role in digital marketing. It helps create a positive experience for users interacting with the product, and accordingly contributes to the growth of the company’s profits.

However, “known” does not always mean “understood.” ;)

We explain in simple words the importance of UX design for the digital sphere.

What is UX design
Let's take for example a vacuum cleaner - a device that collects dust and debris from the floor. It has brushes for sweeping away dust, suction nozzles and wheels for moving across the floor (handheld vacuum cleaners are additionally equipped with long tube handles).

Why do vacuum cleaners have this design? They allow the owner to clean any room with maximum comfort for himself - without bending over to get to hard-to-reach areas, without removing dust from there with his own hands. Vacuum cleaners effectively do all this instead of humans.

If we use digital terms, we can say:

The way a vacuum cleaner looks is its user interface.
What a person gets when working with it (how exactly he uses the vacuum cleaner and what he gets as a result) is user experience.
Today, the user interface and experience have been optimized in robot vacuum cleaners. They, in comparison with classic and vertical ones, do not require human participation at all in the cleaning process, while being small-sized and safe.

Your website should also be different from your competitors’ websites, like a robot vacuum cleaner is different from a bulky wired unit. How to achieve the appropriate level of ergonomics and comfort when users interact with your web resource (that is, how to optimize the user experience) is decided by a UX specialist.
UX is a set of factors that characterizes the quality of communication between a user and a digital product (in particular, a website). High-quality UX design should be organic and understandable - so much so that the user is not even aware of how he is comfortable interacting with a particular digital system.
Why work on UX design
Competition between companies today is becoming increasingly fierce. Technologies are developing, and there are more and more convenient ergonomic vacuum cleaners on the market (of course, we are not just talking about vacuum cleaners). Users evaluate both the quality of the product and how comfortable it is to use.
UX design is among the key factors that influence customer behavior (that is, business performance). This is not only a means to increase profits, but also a tool to solve user problems.

When developing a product or service, it is necessary to take into account the needs, interests and preferences of users. This will allow you to create an intuitive website that:

reduces the likelihood of errors at any stage of working with it;
saves user resources (human, financial, time);
increases loyalty to a company that cares about its consumers;
which means it is interesting, popular, and in demand among potential customers.
As a result:

Conversions will increase. The more pleasant and convenient the site is, the easier it is for users to decide to place orders there.
Brand reputation will improve. A loyal consumer will return to the site again and again, place orders himself and recommend to others.
The cost of advertising will decrease. To a large extent, the customers themselves will attract new customers.
Development costs will be reduced. UX design is considered in the early stages of website creation and the algorithms of developers’ actions are adjusted in advance regarding the logic of the interfaces.
The task of marketers is to assess market loyalty to a brand or product, and, accordingly, the size of the target audience. And UX design that meets the needs and desires of users can increase loyalty, increase the reach of the target audience and make it clear what marketing goals the company should achieve at the next stage of development.
The better the website UX design, the easier it is for a company to research the market and target audience. And the easier it is to research the market and target audience, the easier it is to figure out how to make UX design even more modern and get more leads.
Approach to UX Design
One of the key performance indicators of UX design itself is the conversion rate. It shows the percentage of users who completed the target action on the site (placed an order, subscribed to the newsletter, registered for an event). The better the UX design, the higher the conversion rate can be, which in turn will lead to increased profits.
Of course, developing an effective UX design requires a systematic approach from the responsible specialist, taking into account many aspects. Among them:

features of mobile adaptation;
achievements of modern technologies (neural networks, VR);
cultural preferences of users;
current trends in design, etc.

Working on UX design is a continuous cycle of website optimization that requires constant analysis of data and user feedback. The digital sphere is constantly changing, and user expectations from web resources are also changing. But all updates must be implemented thoughtfully, taking into account the opinion of the potential consumer - which means it is important to collect feedback.

Thus, a UX designer must have:

noticeable theoretical knowledge;
skills in conducting research (consumers and competitors) and data analysis;
knowledge and understanding of digital trends;
developed imagination (to use trends wisely);
solid practical experience in implementing ideas, including in a team with developers, SEO specialists, and marketers.
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Only such a set of skills will allow you to create a product that will meet all the requirements and expectations of users. Moreover, a UX specialist can often tell in advance how convenient and modern the site will be, or will know exactly what research will need to be carried out and how to reduce the costs of it.
UX design is an integral part of digital marketing and has a significant impact on business performance. Thanks to high-quality UX design, user interaction with the site improves, customer loyalty increases and, as a result, profits increase.

The more convenient, intuitive and close to the needs of consumers the website interface is, the more orders they place. Reach and conversions are growing, and the brand’s presence in the market is increasing. This allows you to set new goals for the company’s development and improve the offer taking into account feedback from consumers. This means competing even more successfully in the market and attracting more and more new customers.

Of course, reaching this level is only possible thanks to a team of website development specialists, which includes truly experienced UX designers.
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