Xterium game
A mobile app that allows users to play Sci-fi RTS games on android and iOS powered devices.
  • Programming Languages

    The development team at MobileXApps used a stack of technologies to create Xterium. The app was built using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, with the user interface designed using XML and the iOS UI toolkit. The team also used a custom game engine to create the game's graphics and physics.
  • Frameworks and Libraries

    The application uses several frameworks and libraries to enhance its functionality and user experience. Which ensure that the application runs smoothly and provides an enjoyable experience for users.
  • Useful Features

    The team had to optimize the game's performance to make sure that it could handle a large number of players building their space empires and battling each other. This required a lot of testing and optimization to make sure that the game could provide a seamless gaming experience for its users.
  • User Interface

    Xterium provides users with a simple interface for building their space empire, with features such as resource management, fleet management, and research and development.
Scope Of Work & Timeline
In 4 weeks our team ported Xterium and developed new features to make the game easy to play on the phone. We also helped the app to be published in app stores and supported it for a long period of time
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