Time to Train
Fitness apps for competing with friends provide an opportunity to create healthy competition and mutual motivation within fitness goals
History of Creation
In our company, where sports culture is highly developed, the idea was born to create a mobile application that would unite training and competitions between friends and colleagues
Our team of developers and designers set to work, striving to create an app that would provide a unique set of tools for workouts and competitions. We wanted users to be able to easily create their workout programs, share them with friends, and challenge them to compete in a variety of physical activities, from jogging to pull-ups
After a lot of testing and improvements, our mobile app for workouts and competitions between friends was ready for launch. We held an internal event where our employees competed in a variety of physical challenges using the app
Our history of developing a mobile app for training and competition has been a testament to how sports culture and mutual support can lead to a unique tool that can help people achieve their fitness goals and build team spirit
Training history
Apps provide you with detailed information about your physical activity. You can track your progress and use this data to improve your workouts and reach your goals
Flexible Timer
We have created a workout timer that is highly flexible and customizable so that users can tailor it to their individual needs and requirements
Training templates
We have compiled the best workout programs that include specific exercises, volume and intensity of workouts
We have developed the ability to customize the app so that users can optimize it for their personal parameters and goals, ensuring that they achieve their desired results more efficiently
Scope Of Work & Timeline
The project involved UX and UI designers who worked synergistically in order to build an innovative solution. Our Business and Growth teams were constantly in touch, providing us with valuable insights
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